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Moving Office: 3 things you don’t know

Moving office is an exciting, but also daunting, experience. For most companies, it is a time of positive change

By Making Moves London

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Moving office is an exciting, but also daunting, experience. For most companies, it is a time of positive change and a chance to renew and reinvigorate your business whilst incorporating new ways of working and removing old habits (and the inevitable clutter you’ve managed to hoard). However, it can also be a very stressful experience if you are unsure of the pitfalls. We have listed below our top three areas to be careful around when approaching an office move.

1. Internet Set Up

Something that commonly trips people up is the time it takes for internet to be organised and setup within an office. If your chosen property has limited connectivity in place and a wayleave agreement is required, this could delay your move indefinitely.

We have heard of some horror stories, where clients have moved into their new office and after three months are still waiting for approval to their permanent IT provider. Be smart, not sorry.

2. Fit Out Management

Once you’ve found your perfect office it’s now time for the exciting part – designing it.

There are plenty of important factors to consider when it comes to fit out. These include:

  • The current air conditioning and electrical setup for the property
  • Fire Escape Access
  • Number of WCs for the number of staff in the office
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Partitioning
  • Plumbing

The list goes on. It’s not just as simple as putting your desk and chair down, so you need to make sure that this process is managed by an efficient, dedicated, hardworking and responsible firm who will manage all the above and exceed your expectations.

Fit out costs can be extortionate, depending on the quality of finish you would like to go for. If this isn’t within your budget, there are a number of lifelines you can opt for:

Request your Landlord pay for your fit out or at least contribute. This could be through an extended rent-free period or delivered as a cash contribution. We are also currently seeing Landlord’s pay for the fit out of the offices in return for a higher rent. This offsets capital expenditure at the beginning of the lease which is often a major hurdle for companies looking to move office.

Look for fitted or partially fitted space. This is a great chance to inherit a fit out from a previous occupier. You can potentially make use of their meeting rooms, breakout areas, kitchen facilities and furniture – a huge money and time saver.

3. Searching Without an Agent

Occasionally we come across potential clients who are adamant that they do not need an agent to help them with their office move and insist they can do it themselves. There are a number of reasons why this is not a good idea.

Firstly, the number of suitable properties you find will be seriously limited. We don’t find you a new space by just searching on Rightmove, we actively source properties through our connections in the industry. We also have access to off-market and pre-market spaces which are unavailable on the open market, as well as knowledge of appropriate serviced and flexible offices for different businesses.

Another added value of having an agent is that we will shortlist properties for you and show you around each one. We’ll know what questions you should be asking and what you should be looking out for. More importantly, we have the inside knowledge of the market and know exactly what deals are being offered. For an idea of current market rents, see our market rent guide.

Bear in mind that some agents may represent both landlord and the client which could result in unfavourable terms for you (landlords will be after the highest rent possible). So, make sure that you know your agent only works on behalf of occupiers.

If you think that appointing an agent is too expensive, it could be a small price to pay to save you a lot of hassle, time and possibly money in the future. (Particularly when Making Moves fees are based on a percentage of the savings we can make you throughout our negotiations of your lease terms).

If you want to discuss your options with no obligation, contact us for a free consultation today.