What's a wayleave and why is it important?

Wayleave & Fibre Install Guide

Wayleave agreements and fibre installation are a crucial part of moving office, but people don’t always understand the process leading to (sometimes costly) delays. Check out this simple step-by-step guide to make the process seamless and stress-free!

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The ultimate office relocation checklist

From reviewing your current lease to planning your new space, follow this comprehensive checklist covering every stage of your office relocation.


Basic workplace principles companies need to consider

An office space promoting wellbeing, productivity and company culture through thoughtful design, valuing employees, and facilitating work-life balance makes a great workplace.

Making Moves

20 ways you can save energy at work

Cut costs and help the planet by implementing our practical tips to reduce energy waste across your office – from lighting to heating to staff engagement.

People & Culture

World Menopause Month: How employers can support staff experiencing menopause

Understand how employers can support women through menopause with adjustments, training, champions, and adaptable workplaces.

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