Have Tech Companies Mastered the Modern Office?

The technology industry continues to push the boundaries on the traditional office set up. Whilst maximising the use of

By Making Moves London

The technology industry continues to push the boundaries on the traditional office set up. Whilst maximising the use of their spaces, they have grasped with both hands the ability to encourage wellbeing and generate creativity within the workplace.

The modern day tech company utilises more flexible and agile workplaces to not only increase productivity, but to ensure their staff have a happy working environment.

This is mainly led by the desire to attract the top tech talent in the market, whilst also using the office environment to develop the culture and brand identity of the company.

Making Moves is one of the main property advisors to the tech industry in Central London. Based on our analysis of the industry and our client’s office requirements, we have put together a list of ways they have mastered the modern office environment and encouraged different sectors to follow.

Agile Working

A key buzz word in the office market at present is ‘agile working’. This is when a company encourages its staff to work within a more flexible environment. This is better than hot-desking as the demand is driven by employees desire to not be fixed to a desk, rather than the companies need to save on space.

The technology world is a sea of entrepreneurs and consultants. To ensure that larger companies can compete with the flexible nature of a self employed individual, they need to create an environment in which an employee will feel ‘agile’ whilst also having the benefits of working for a larger organisation.

Client Engagement Areas

This is an area where the product or service that a tech company offers is demonstrated. This is a super effective way to sell to clients in an informal environment. Modern methods include the use of virtual reality to allow the client to engage with the product in a relatively fun environment.

Collaborative Space

At the heart of tech companies is innovation, so it’s key that the space they are in encourages that. Collaboration is a proven way to develop innovation. Areas in the office such as collaboration walls (yes, with post it notes) are often seen in our client’s offices, together with big breakfast tables for people to discuss ideas over a meal. We have even seen a sauna in one office.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Tech companies like to have an area where staff can take themselves away from work. This might be a table tennis table, a shuffleboard or even gyms and rock climbing areas. Adding the fun factor into an office space assists with keeping employees motivated and focused when they need to be.

Workplace Wellness and Relaxation Space

Wellness in the workplace is becoming a priority in many offices. Areas with sofas and the classic bean bag are a common site in the tech industry especially. Employees are encouraged to take time to switch off and disconnect from their work in order to fully recharge. Features of an office promoting wellness include comfort, biophilic design elements such as plants and natural lighting, access to fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as in house fitness classes. Free yoga and pilates are particularly popular.