Making Moves

“I’ve been to the gym 17 times already #newyearnewme”

Do you work long, hard hours and struggle to fit in time to go to the gym or exercise?

By Making Moves London

Do you work long, hard hours and struggle to fit in time to go to the gym or exercise? If so, then you’re not alone.

Exercising and keeping fit is a highly important aspect of someone’s life. Not only does it improve your general health, it also improves your energy levels and mentality at work.

I am a gym-fanatic myself and for me, there are three main work-related benefits of exercising.

Energy levels:

Exercising regularly will improve your performance at work as you will have a sustained amount of energy throughout the day and this will keep you focused when it comes to task handling.

Health and Sickness:

Keeping physically fit is successfully proven to improve your immune system and keep you healthy even when those around you are falling ill with a bug.

Confidence and Attitude:

There are always going to be times at work where you are stressed. Whether it’s due to a deal falling out of bed or spilling coffee on your shirt, every single person will face this at some point and it will affect your attitude. One thing that I have realised over time is that the best way to relieve yourself of stress is to hit the gym or join in fitness activities. Exercising releases endorphins throughout your body which are feel-good chemicals. This will take away any stress from the day you’ve just had and will give you a greater sense of well-being and confidence which will set you in the right direction for the next day!

Taking these benefits into consideration, I have come up with a list of 10 fitness activities that you and your colleagues can do together. This will give you and your team the encouragement and drive to take that first step (or pedal)!

Spinning classes are an excellent activity you and your colleagues can do together. With the majority of gymnasiums and leisure centres having the facilities for your whole team to take a class together, this is an intense but enjoyable option.

If fast-paced exercise isn’t for you, then I would definitely advise going for a relaxing and mind-soothing session of Yoga. This is something that will relieve your stress and leave you feeling as peaceful as ever.

  • Football Golf

Keeping fit doesn’t always have to be dull or forced! Football-Golf is a fantastic activity which is both good for your fitness and enjoyable to do. With a number of different holes on the field, you and your colleagues can take turns in kicking the ball as close to the hole as possible.

  • Run Club

Run club is an activity I would highly recommend trying out. It’s a refreshing outlook on fitness and is something you and your team can all join in with.

Powerleague are a chain of football leisure centres which have fantastic facilities where you can have a competitive (but fun) game of football. Why not get the company upstairs involved too?

Rave Aerobics – you heard it right!

Depends on how much of a morning person you are, but rave aerobics can be a fun way to start the day and keep fit at the same time. One of many places in London offering unique ways of exercising, Rave Aerobics incorporates your dance moves on a night out with your workout. What could go wrong?!

Have you ever wanted to get in the ring? Well, today’s the day you can take the first step in becoming the new heavyweight champion! Okay, maybe not the world heavyweight champion, but you can definitely have some fun in the ring.

Boxing club and boxing conditioning are two activities you and the team can all do together whilst having a lot of fun. You will all be able to follow the same steps as any professional boxer and perform a variety of different exercises whilst learning different techniques.

  • Trampoline Club

No matter what age you are, bouncing on a trampoline is very invigorating! There are loads of leisure centres which offer trampoline clubs and this is definitely something I’d recommend trying out. It’s a lot of fun.

Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts you can do, helping to maintain a healthy heart, a healthy body and a healthy mind-set.

Rock Climbing is a fun and challenging activity you can do with your colleagues. Whilst helping build muscle and endurance, it can also help improve your brain function and relieve stress.

So there they are – ten exciting and healthy fitness activities that you can do with your colleagues at work. If you haven’t tried any yet, then this is something you should definitely bring up in your next company meeting!

By Grant Marcus