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In Conversation with Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor joins Anthony in Episode 2 of "In Conversation" to discuss drinking culture and creating people-focussed workplaces.

By Making Moves London

It’s Episode 2 of “In Conversation”, and this time Anthony is joined by “the man, the myth, the legend” Steve Taylor, from design & build company Peldon Rose. Together they delve into how the workplace has evolved over time, and the expectations of the property sector, including:

  1. Drinking culture: Steve and Anthony dive into the world of drinking culture and the pressures surrounding it, an aspect that often flies under the radar. They take a closer look at how social and business activities frequently revolve around alcohol, questioning whether this trend is unique to the property sector or more widespread across industries. It’s a thought-provoking discussion that brings some interesting perspectives to light.
  2. People-focussed workplaces: Now, let’s talk workplace design, a hot topic these days. Steve shares valuable insights on how workspaces have evolved in a post-COVID world. He emphasises the importance of creating inclusive environments that prioritise employee wellbeing and take into account the diverse needs of individuals, including factors like neurodiversity. It’s all about building workplaces that truly prioritise people.

A huge thank you to Steve for chatting with us and providing such great insights.

Watch the full episode with Steve below and keep an eye out for our next instalment of “In Conversation”.