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In Conversation with Iain Tobin

In Episode 5, Carbon Clean's Iain Tobin discusses their new sustainable headquarters, the future of carbon capture tech, and prioritising workplace experience.

By Making Moves London

We’re excited to bring you the latest instalment of our “In Conversation” series, where we connect with leaders that are shaping their industries. This time, Making Moves Director Anthony Murphy sits down with Iain Tobin, Chief Corporate & Financial Officer of Carbon Clean, a pioneering company revolutionising carbon capture technology. In an engaging 20-minute discussion, Anthony and Iain explore:

The Carbon Capture Imperative: Iain breaks down Carbon Clean’s innovative and cost-effective “Cyclone CC” technology that is making carbon capture viable for smaller industrial emitters. With annual emissions reaching 10 billion tonnes of CO2, capturing 3 billion tonnes from industrial sources is crucial for sustainability.

Creating an Environmentally Conscious Workplace: Hear Iain’s insights on Carbon Clean’s own green headquarters – a BREEAM Gold-rated building with a collaboration-focused and wellbeing-driven office design. It boosts productivity while aligning with the company’s mission for sustainable operations.

Iain’s Journey to Sustainable Solutions: From reducing water leakage to harnessing industrial battery storage, Iain shares the winding career path that led him and the Carbon Clean team to pursue carbon capture as the next frontier in viable decarbonisation and sustainability solutions.

Accelerating the Path to Net Zero Emissions: Iain and Anthony analyse policy drivers like the US and EU initiatives incentivising carbon capture adoption for a sustainable future. They also explore the scale of innovation still needed to reach 2050 emissions targets sustainably.

Sustainable Growth Plans for Carbon Clean: Get a sneak peek into the company’s ambitious global expansion plans across multiple regions to rapidly scale their transformative, sustainable technologies.

Whether you’re a sustainability trailblazer, policymaker focussed on sustainable development, or just passionate about a greener and more sustainable future, this candid conversation offers invaluable sustainability insights you don’t want to miss.

Check out the full recording here and stay tuned for more “In Conversation” episodes!