10 ways to plan a lavish Christmas party

A Hotel… A 3 Course Meal … A below average DJ And a Secret Santa …Sound familiar and even

By Tobi

A Hotel…

A 3 Course Meal …

A below average DJ

And a Secret Santa

…Sound familiar and even a little dull?

Here at Making Moves HQ, we are all for shaking it up and doing things a little differently, which got us thinking about ideas for our own Office Christmas party. As a small team anyway, the typical office ‘do’ was not an option, and led to us researching what else we could do to celebrate instead. With our local market as London and us regularly covering fifteen miles of the City on foot in a week, it didn’t take us long to come up with a few alternatives, or ten to be precise.


There’s nothing like a little bit of competition to bring out the best (or worst) in people. Activity bars can be a great way to avoid the awkward small talk and get everyone to join in.

Making Moves top picks:

Junkyard Golf:

Bounce Ping Pong:

Flight Club:


Two hours to Paris on the Eurostar, and an hour on a plane to most European cities, this is surely something to be considered. Admittedly it does depend slightly on your budget, but with a minimum spend in most bars in the run up to Christmas, this might be a more reasonable suggestion than you first think. With flights to Prague for £40 return, and the average pint setting you back £1.30, it’s pretty much a bargain. Think about it.


Ok, it’s not summer and we’re not in Ibiza (cry) BUT the London skyline at night is still kind of great, and sailing past the landmarks from the water, is actually surprisingly different to walking past them during the day. At the same time, we appreciate boats aren’t for everyone and a party bus might be a fun way to make your way around London or to transport you in between bars.


Throughout the festive season, there are far too many pop ups in London to go to them all. From dining in an igloo (yes, an igloo) overlooking Tower Bridge to snuggling up in a rooftop fairy-lit ski chalet in the Mac and Wild Rooftop Residency or something a bit livelier like ‘Last Days of Shoreditch’. You really don’t have to go far to find good food and good vibes.

Making Moves Top Picks:

Coppa Club Igloo Pop Up:

Mac & Wild Rooftop Chalet:

Last Days of Shoreditch:


Similar to the ‘activity bar’ category, but with everything under one roof, Namco deserves its own mention. Choose from bowling, arcade games, pool, dodgems, soft play (maybe not), escape room and ping pong.


Perfect for getting all ages involved and a great alternative to the typical boozy Christmas lunch (I’m sure there will be plenty of those to go round), especially for non-drinkers. Get your team making moves in the crystal maze studio.


Christmas lunch with a twist. Everyone contributes equally to the preparation, and nobody has to wash up. Sounds ideal, right?

Making Moves Top Pick: Aveqia,


We’re not talking about going to the actual circus, just fyi.

Located in Covent Garden, Circus is a self-proclaimed ‘beautiful collision of cabaret restaurant and cocktail bar’ with the added bonus of an extensive Asian fusion menu. So if you fancy a little bit of glitter this Christmas, this could be the option for you.

Making Moves Top Tip: If you ask nicely, the bar tender will create your very own signature cocktail on the spot


Difficult to please everyone with this, however with a smaller team it is easier to keep the whole team happy. Either way, you can play it safe and go and see Vanilla Ice on Ice at Alexandra Palace.

10.           ROOFTOP BAR CRAWL

The absolute Mecca of bar crawls. Combine panoramic city views of London’s skyline with an open fire pit and a cocktail in hand, and you’re definitely on to a winner.

Making Moves Top Picks:

Radio Rooftop Bar:

Madison Rooftop Terrace:


Merry Christmas from the Double M’s- have a good one!


PS. If you’re looking to get a better idea of the different areas of London and what they have to offer then have a read through our area guide.