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What NOT to do at your office Christmas party

The fact that you’re reading this blog about what not to do at your Christmas party, means that you’ve

By Making Moves London

The fact that you’re reading this blog about what not to do at your Christmas party, means that you’ve probably worked hard enough this year to deserve one! As with any other night, there is always that line that you really don’t want to be crossing… And said line definitely differs between a night out with friends and family, to a night out with your work colleagues.

At Making Moves, we have our own very simple set of rules, not just for a Christmas party but any night out:

No climbing

No peer pressure

No lifting anyone up

No swinging anyone around

Love everyone

Here’s how to avoid ‘crossing the line’…

Do not talk about work!! – we can all be guilty of this. Chances are, you’ve discussed work with everyone present throughout the 50 weeks leading up to the party…. Talk about ANYTHING else!

Do not over share – don’t let the prosecco go to your head and start over sharing your views of anyone/ anything in the office.

Know your drinking limits – we all love a free night on the booze but let’s not get to the point where you can’t use your legs.

Keep your phone in your pocket! – the one night of the year you get to socialise with everyone in your team. It’s Christmas, join in the festivities and get off social media.

Do not pick on the youngest, newest, more vulnerable members of the team. This will not reflect well on you in the long-run.

Do not take the night or anyone for granted. We’re fairly certain that a Christmas party is not in your contract and it’s at the boss’s discretion whether or not they want to throw one. Show your appreciation!

Remember you’re not only representing yourself, but the company as a whole. You’re likely to be joined, wherever you go, by a number of other companies celebrating 2018 and a Christmas party.

Don’t lecture the boss – don’t let the alcohol go to your head and decide to reveal all of your audacious, ludicrous ideas for the company. Chances are these have already crossed their mind, plus it’s work talk (see point 1!)