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Top 10 Things You Can Have Delivered to Your Valentine at Work

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you’re probably wondering what to get your loved one before it’s too late.

By Making Moves London

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you’re probably wondering what to get your loved one before it’s too late.

Seeing as it falls on a Wednesday this year, chances are you and your other half will be spending Valentine’s Day at work – apart. So, why not get something delivered to their office?

If you’re lacking inspiration and want to give them something a little more original, then don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you… Have a look at our suggestions below.

A Rose for a Rose

A Valentine’s classic or just very predictable? We’re thinking of a different kind of dozen…

Crosstown Doughnuts

Or, if you want to go extra lavish:

Maitre Choux

Blast from the Past

Got photos that you’ve gathered over the years? Why not put all your best-recorded memories in one place and put together a photobook? This isn’t just thoughtful, but also something they can keep forever.

Check out PhotoBox for some great offers.

Pizza for your Homeslice

The way to a (wo)man’s heart is through their stomach, or so they say.

Why not treat your loved one to a hot, cheesy pizza delivered straight to their desk? Got to be a winner, surely.

(It also happens to be National Pizza Day on the 9th February and most pizza places will have offers on, so make sure to keep an eye out!)

Matching Mugs

Now, hot drinks in the office are an important part to 99.9% of people’s day. It helps them relax and get their head in the game, so why not get matching mugs for you and your partner?

Try for a great selection to choose from.

When in Rome…

For those who want to go above and beyond, why not treat your partner to a weekend trip to a European city?

How to surprise them? Well, we know they won’t have work if it’s the weekend (hopefully). So why not buy the flights and send them the confirmation in the post?

No More Cold Feet

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk around the office in a more comfortable pair of footwear?

We think office slippers are significantly underrated, so if you’re looking for something to keep their heart (and their feet) warm, then this could be the way forward. If you’ve got to spend Valentine’s Day at work, you might as well do it in style, right?

Say It Like You Mean It

 Letting your other half know what they mean to you, is easier said than done.

For a bespoke Valentine’s card with a more personal homemade touch, head to immediately.

Keep Your Love Alive

Scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and boost your mood, a terrarium is a great addition to your partner’s desk.

Not only will it remind them of you, but indoor plants are also known to improve concentration and productivity. And, they look pretty cool, too…

Check out Jar and Fern.

 Finders Keepers

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, and want to keep your Valentine guessing, why not leave them a trail of clues from their office to you?

And Relax…

Either on their lunch break or in between work and your dinner plans… why not book your loved one in for a massage or beauty treatment to rejuvenate them and leave them feeling fresh for your date?

We love Cowshed.


So, there you have it, if you’re spending Valentine’s Day at work, give one of these suggestions a go and surprise your loved one! If you have any other ideas, we’d love to hear from you!