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Tobi Crosbie appears on ‘How to be a CEO’ podcast

Making Moves Founder & CEO, Tobi, shares our SME journey on the Evening Standard's podcast.

By Making Moves London

Making Moves founder and CEO, Tobi Crosbie, recently appeared on the Evening Standard’sHow to be a CEO” podcast. The podcast explores the world of businesses in the UK – with previous guests including Multiverse, 10X Banking and Quantexa – and this episode was dedicated to the journey after a startup finds success.

In the episode, Tobi opened up to host David Marsland about the key moments over the past decade that made Making Moves into the company it is today. From selling his flat to fund our launch to recruiting talented professionals to the business, he recalled the major risks he took early on.

Tobi also emphasised the importance of fostering a strong company culture when building Making Moves from the ground up. He spoke about celebrating successes, maintaining transparency, and moving away from traditional corporate norms. The goal was to create a property business that felt modern and challenged industry stereotypes.

Tobi and David didn’t just cover the highlights – Tobi also discussed the challenges of steering an office rental company through the pandemic and rise of work-from-home. He shared his perspective on whether traditional office models will make a full comeback.

A game-changing deal acted as a turning point for Making Moves. This deal helped propel the company forward in a major way in the office rental market – with a trophy building generating buzz and credibility.

As Making Moves prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the podcast allowed Tobi to reflect on the company’s journey so far. He referenced plans for the anniversary milestone and provided a look at what’s next for Making Moves.

The “How to be a CEO” podcast gave our founder the opportunity to share Making Moves’ story – the key to building a successful bootstrapped company.

If you missed Tobi’s podcast interview, be sure to check it out for insights into launching, scaling, and evolving a business in today’s market. The full episode is available here.