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London Fashion Styles by Postcode

Having spent so much time in and around the different parts of London, we have begun to notice certain

By Making Moves London

Having spent so much time in and around the different parts of London, we have begun to notice certain clothing styles associated with specific areas of the city.

In the spirit of London Fashion Week, we have put together a quiz to see if you can tell which style matches which area.

Have a go and see how many you can guess right. If you are unsure of the areas then check out our Market Rent Guide map to make things a little easier. 

(Answers at the bottom of the page. No peeking).


Suited and Booted

Conservatively dressed in a tailored suit twinned with a schoolboy tie.

Ordinarily clean shaven, with the odd exception, you can usually find this particular breed of Londoner strolling the streets of ____________.  


Dressed to Impress

No matter the weather – rain, shine, snow or even a hurricane, you will always find this individual immaculately dressed.

Not a hair out of place nor a bead of sweat on their foreheads, you can bet your bottom dollar that their attire is predominantly pre-season Stella McCartney.

Sleek and stylish, you will find this chic crowd in amongst the luxury fashion houses of _____________.


Lost your razor?

Guys: Rolled up jeans, some denim, a beanie and a beard. Probably carrying a woven tote bag and/ or camera.

Gals: The same, minus a beard.

_____________is well known as the “home of the hipster” and emerging fashion trends.


Unbranded T-shirt and Hoodie

Think Mark Zuckerburg: understated, practical and no-nonsense. The type of appearance that suggests dressing to look good is low down on the priority scale.

This style comprises of a few wardrobe essentials and little else – black jeans, comfortable trainers and a range of plain coloured tees and hoodies.

Stereotypical attire of a tech Start Up Founder based in _____________.



The art-student-turned-grad. An increase in salary means fewer charity shop steals, and more “vintage” clothing paired with a timeless pair of Doc Martins.  

This individual most likely works in the creative industries and you will typically find them __________.



Bright, colourful shirt, eccentric (but high end) and potentially carrying a film or television script and an artisan coffee in hand.

Can be spotted in __________.


Media Darling

Turned up jeans, thick black rimmed glasses paired with a tight-fitting blazer, probably works in Media in ____________.


1 = Bank, 2 = Mayfair, 3 = Shoreditch, 4 = Old St (Silicon Roundabout), 5 = South of the River, 6 = Soho, 7 = Noho/Fitzrovia