Is Coworking Worth It? The Truth About Flexible Office Space

We’ve all heard someone say, ‘what’s the point of coworking?’ or, ‘isn’t it distracting working with so many different

By Making Moves London

Is Coworking Worth It?

We’ve all heard someone say, ‘what’s the point of coworking?’ or, ‘isn’t it distracting working with so many different people?’ As appealing as coworking offices are, with free beer, dogs and regular socials, there’s still a whole lot of suspicion out there.

The rising popularity of flexible office spaces is undeniable, but people want to know whether they are the right choice for startups and small companies. 

We take a look at some questions you might have, and whether coworking spaces really are worth considering.


Is coworking worth the journey?

One of the points that might be raised is that working flexibly in a coworking space is not much different to working from home. With people increasingly wanting a better work-life blend and wanting to avoid long and tedious commutes, many might say that working from home is a better option.

However, it’s still important to speak to your colleagues face to face, especially when you have to discuss plans or strategies. As great as Slack is, you can’t do everything remotely via an instant messenger.

Plus, working from home all the time can make you feel very isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. Everyone needs a work/home divide and coworking spaces provide that for small companies and freelancers.


Is coworking worth the money?

One point that is often raised about coworking companies is that they can be more expensive overall than a traditional office lease. This is mainly because you pay for convenience, as with most coworking and serviced offices, everything is managed on your behalf.

It’s really a matter of personal preference whether it’s worth the money but many startups and fast-growing companies may find it a lot easier not to have to worry about paying bills and additional expenses. Plus, you can pay per person, which may work out to be more affordable for smaller companies.


Is coworking worth it for fast-growing businesses?

A valid point about coworking spaces is that, if your business is growing fast, there may not be enough room to accommodate new employees. However, many coworking spaces exist in serviced offices with larger private offices to rent, so you can always consider just a small move. Plus, you might not know just how fast your business will grow, so you can always move to new premises if needed.


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