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In Conversation with Phil Jones

It's time for Episode 4 of In Conversation - this time with digital pioneer Phil Jones, who shares his career journey and insight on how to build a community.

By Making Moves London

It’s time for episode four of In Conversation! This time, our host Anthony is joined by his co-host, Making Moves Associate Director Mo Basma, and the two sit down with digital pioneer Phil Jones for an engaging chat. In just under half an hour, Phil recounts his extraordinary career path and the inception of the renowned Podge events. In the discussion, they explore:

Phil’s Unconventional Start in the Printing Industry: From inadvertently discovering his color blindness during a printing apprenticeship to maneuvering the transition from hot metal to photo composition, Phil shares his unorthodox entry into the world of typography and design.

The Accidental Beginnings of Podge: What began as a one-off lunch gathering for rival design agencies in 1994 snowballed into a beloved annual tradition known as Podge. Hear the amusing story behind the name’s quirky origins and how Phil fostered a thriving community.

Building Agency Culture Through Memorable Workspaces: From their iconic Woolworth Road offices to the turf-laden “pitch room” that clinched a major FA project, Phil underscores the importance of creating immersive and imaginative workspaces that inspire creativity.

Phil’s Induction into the Digital Hall of Fame: Learn how Phil’s community-building efforts earned him a place among digital luminaries like the “Father of the World Wide Web” in this prestigious recognition by the renowned B&MA organization.

The Future of Podge – A Family Affair: With his daughter Claire and son PJ playing vital roles, discover Phil’s vision for the event’s upcoming 29th year and the passion that keeps this one-of-a-kind gathering going strong.

Whether you’re in the marketing sector, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who appreciates a great story, this conversation offers some career advice, a few laughs and a behind-the-scenes look at one of the industry’s most unique communities.

Check out the full recording here and keep an eye (or ear) out for more In Conversation episodes!