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In Conversation with Emily Lincoln-Gordon

Anthony Murphy interviews Emily Lincoln-Gordon in the first episode of "In Conversation", discussing topics like the 4-day week, career transitions, and building company culture.

By Making Moves London

We’re excited to introduce our new series, “In Conversation”, where we bring together some amazing people we’ve worked with over the years to discuss topics that shape the professional world.

Our first episode features host, Making Moves’ Director of Agency, Anthony Murphy, in conversation with Emily Lincoln-Gordon, a brilliant leader and COO at Start Ups and Scale Ups. In just 20 minutes, Emily & Anthony cover a lot of ground, with some topics including:

The 4-day Working Week – Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing:
The advantages and disadvantages of the very topical 4-day work week. What does this look like in 2023 and how feasible is it for service based and client facing businesses?

Squiggly Careers – Navigating Transitions and Interview Success:
Emily shares valuable advice on transitioning between industries and acing interviews. Whether you’re considering a career change or exploring new opportunities, this segment will equip you with the tools to succeed.

Building a Genuine Company Culture:
What does company culture mean to you? If you’re starting a new venture or are seeking to enhance your existing company culture, this conversation offers practical advice and some great ideas to implement.

Keep an eye out for our next instalment and watch the full episode with Emily below.