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7 Green Office Ideas to Transform Your Space

Now that we’re into a new decade, you might be thinking about how your company can help save the

By Karishma

Green Office Ideas to Transform Your Space

Now that we’re into a new decade, you might be thinking about how your company can help save the planet, as well as how you can improve the working environment for your employees or coworkers.

Here at Making Moves, we strongly believe that a change in your office space can really help to transform both productivity and wellbeing. Plus, we all need to be more eco-conscious in our day-to-day life! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of seven green office ideas to give you some design inspiration.


Identify power-saving opportunities

This might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many appliances are left running or aren’t as efficient as they could be. The first step in your green office transformation should be to identify any power-saving opportunities in your workplace.

Do people tend to leave their monitors on standby? Are your outdated printers and photocopiers using way more energy than they need to be? Are the lights in your breakout space or meeting room left on even when there’s no one in there? If you start asking these kinds of questions, you can pinpoint what needs to change.

If you do decide to upgrade your office equipment, make sure to donate or recycle the old units.


Make considered lighting choices

LED light bulbs use significantly less energy than standard light bulbs so you should take the time to replace any outdated bulbs in your office space.

When it comes to lighting, you should also think about the natural light available to you. If you use light paint colours and position desks with access to natural light, you will need less overhead lighting in your office.


Source environmentally-friendly supplies

Another simple but important green office idea is changing your supplies to those that are environmentally-friendly, such as recycled paper and printer ink cartridges. These might be a little pricier than your previous supplies, but this is a great way to make sure your company is incorporating sustainable practices.


Include plants in your office

There’s so much information out there about the health benefits of plants, and this is one green idea that you definitely need to include in your office. Plants help to purify the air and there is evidence that they can benefit employee wellbeing and boost productivity.

In terms of how you want to include plants in the office, you can get really creative with this. Living green walls are growing in popularity as a way to break up the office space and add greenery. We generally recommend finding plants that are easy to look after, such as succulents, as these will require little of your time.

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Go paperless where possible

There is far less of a need for paper records now that everything can be stored digitally. Although you may need to print the occasional thing, you should try and make sure your procedural processes (such as billing and invoicing) are all paperless.

In meetings and proposals, you can send around digital copies of your slides or notes so that everyone can access them on their laptop, rather than having a wad of paper that they could end up losing anyway.


Invest in smart heating/cooling systems

A green office design idea that we love is when buildings use smart heating and cooling systems to save energy.

A great example of this building type is the White Collar Factory by The Office Group, which was built to be naturally sustainable. The design of the building structure encourages natural heating and ventilation, while its digital connectivity allows important energy data to be collected and analysed.


Look for new office premises

Sometimes, it can be hard to make the green office changes you want if your lease doesn’t allow it, or if the space itself isn’t right for the design you want. If that is the case for you, it might be worth looking for a new, greener office space – one with lots of access to natural light, where you can make the green transformations you want!

Here at Making Moves, we can help companies who are looking to find and move to a greener building. Whatever requirements you have, we will identify options that we think will work for you. For more information, please drop us a message!