Five Alternative Secret Santa Gifts, For The Office Party… Every Christmas time in the majority of offices in the

By Tobi

Five Alternative Secret Santa Gifts, For The Office Party…

Every Christmas time in the majority of offices in the Western world, employees partake in the now historic tradition of Secret Santa.

This legendary game involves randomly selecting a co-worker, (normally out of a hat or the cracked cereal bowl found in the back of the office kitchen cupboard).

The second stage is then purchasing the selected co-worker a small gift, normally limited to a pre-agreed monetary value (£5 or £20 if it has been a good year).

Once wrapped and tagged, the present is placed in a large Santa sack (or Ikea Bag) and carried to the Christmas Party venue, by one poor employee who was last to leave the office.

At the Christmas Party, the gifts are swapped without members of staff knowing who has bought whose. There are always a few shocks, a few inappropriate presents and of course, the ever present oversized Mug.

At Making Moves, we are against the Mug. Instead we are sticking to our philosophy of mixing things up and choosing some alternative Secret Santa gifts.

If you like to think a little leftfield and want to buy an alternative Secret Santa gift for your co-worker, then look no further than our Top 5, super special, Secret Santa selections:-

1)     For the morning after the night before – Hangover Kit

This Hangover Kit is a no-brainer for that co-worker who always likes to have that extra glass of wine or the over ordered shot. See you on the dancefloor!

2)      Heating up the selection – The Matchbox Chilli Kit

For the staff member who can take on the Nando’s Extra Hot and prefers a Vindaloo to a Korma then this is could be a suitable spicy selection.

3)     The Gift of Nothing – Nothing

Really struggling to find a fellow employee something suitable, as they just seem to have everything? Then how about buying them nothing?

4)     One for the Gamers – Retro Gaming

…well at least the ageing gamer who remembers Pong over Fifa.

5)     Sweet Veg – Chocolate Sprouts

I am assured these do not taste like small steamed cabbages. A Secret Santa to mess with your co-workers taste buds.

Enjoy your Christmas Party and remember to add a little extra thought this year, when selecting your Secret Santa present.

Thinking beyond a mug could change your life or at least the life of others.