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7 ways an office agent can make your life easier

There’s a lot to do when you’re planning to move office, just check out our office move checklist. Saving

By Making Moves London

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There’s a lot to do when you’re planning to move office, just check out our office move checklist. Saving time and money are big factors however, they’re not the only reasons using an office agent will benefit you. Here are 7 ways an office agent can make your life easier.

1. Experienced Negotiators

As experts in the field, office agents will be able to negotiate better terms with your landlord, knowing what to ask for in your contract to better fit your needs. But beware, some agents work with both landlords and occupiers, so often try to find a happy medium in their negotiations. Making Moves are occupier only, which means we only have your interest at heart.

2. Knowledge of the market

If you pick an agent who specialises in a specific location, they will be able to uncover both on-market and off-market properties that will work best for you. Off-market properties are available to buy or rent but aren’t advertised on multiple listing sites. Some providers prefer off-market listings to either test the waters, maintain privacy, save on commission, or create a sense of exclusivity. An experienced agent can get you access to these. They will do the search and provide you with a shortlist, saving you time.

3. Liaise with providers to organise viewings

Once you’ve decided on a few offices you like the look of, your agent will liaise with the providers to organise a time and date for you to have a tour. This can often be a time consuming process. With an agent, all you have to do is turn up! Bear in mind, some agencies will arrange the viewings and then leave you to it. At Making Moves, we make sure your office agent is with you, providing advice every step of the way.

4. Help you plan the space differently

Some commercial property agencies work with external fit out companies. They can sometimes be requested to come along to viewings to help visualise the space and see if it could fit all of your needs. Making Moves have an internal Technical department who our agents liaise with on all jobs, and are always on hand to provide cost effective solutions for your office requirements.

5. Legal eagles

Commercial property contracts aren’t the same as residential ones. An experienced office agent will know what to look out for in your lease and other legal documents. It is a real benefit to have someone who knows what they’re doing on your side, so you don’t find yourself in a pickle later on down the line.

6. Access to a building surveyor

Additional costs can stack up if you’re not prepared. A building survey is required on a property to assess the condition of the building. Having a transparent cost structure when starting your office move is important, and making sure you or the agent you are using has access to experts in these fields is essential. Luckily for Making Moves, our in-house Technical team are always available to conduct all of the necessary assessments needed to secure your space.

7. Fit Outs

Having an agent with fit out connections can be beneficial. They can oversee the viewings and advise on which offices will provide the best base for your requirements. They will then follow through with the works when the contracts have been signed, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

If you’re moving office and need a helping hand, contact our team today for a free chat about your requirements.