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5 ways you can save energy at work

Most of us know how to save energy at home, however when it comes to making the office more

By Karishma

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Most of us know how to save energy at home, however when it comes to making the office more economical, we seem to forget our good habits. With it being Big Energy Saving Week, we thought we’d give you 5 quick and easy ways you can save energy at work.

1. Lighting

This one might seem obvious, but there is more to saving energy than just switching off the lights. Lighting accounts for 20% of all energy consumption in the UK. For businesses, this can be as much as 35% of total electricity expenditure.

A simple switch from regular lightbulbs to LED lights can not only help the wellbeing in your office (research shows that they’re the closest alternative to natural light) but they also help the environment. This is because LED’s are 100% more recyclable than other bulbs and have 4 times less environmental impact.

Another quick lighting change is the addition of occupancy sensors. These little devices are designed to detect the presence of a person, and switch off if there is no one there, similar to motion sensors. A great little hack for those times you accidentally leave all the lights on.

The final lighting tip is sunlight. Not a quick change, but it’s definitely a worthwhile one. Ensuring your workplace has plenty of sunlight to illuminate the space is one of the best ways you can save energy in the office. If you’re not interested in cutting out huge portions of your walls to make extra windows, then the best option is to find a new office.

2. Heating

The temperature of the office is always one of the biggest debates. It’s always either too hot, or too cold. But did you know turning the thermostat down by just 1°C saves 8% in heating costs, not to mention the CO2 emissions spared. Sorry warm-blooded colleagues.

Whatever temperature you decide to keep your workplace at, make sure you have an efficient thermostat that reads the room’s temperature, and avoids wasting energy. In addition, ensure your building is insulated appropriately to stop heat escaping unnecessarily.

3. Power Off

Another easy way to save energy at work is by powering off everything that doesn’t need to be left on overnight. Even if your computer is performing necessary updates, switch off the monitor. Up to two thirds of a computer’s energy is actually used by the screen itself. To put that into context, leaving a computer screen on for just one night uses enough energy to microwave six dinners.

4. Cycle to work scheme

Not just for the office, cycling is a brilliant way to save energy and keep you active. A lot of companies offer access to cycle to work schemes, allowing you to purchase a bike without the hefty one-off cost.

5. Employee Involvement

Last but not least, it’s you. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re already interested in saving energy – go you! However, as Michael Jordan said “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” A successful energy saving campaign needs everyone to chip in.

Designate a specific person or people to organise and facilitate energy saving initiatives, then host regular team talks to educate and engage. Before you know it, you’ll have one big energy saving office family.

There are of course many more ways you can save energy at work, but these 5 tips will help you get started on your journey to becoming an eco-warrior, and save your company tons of money in the process. You’re welcome finance.