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10 Office Accessories That Will Make Your Day Better

Finding an office is one thing (if you’re stuck, check out our area guide!), and moving in is quite

By Making Moves London

Finding an office is one thing (if you’re stuck, check out our area guide!), and moving in is quite another. But once you’re all settled in, what can you do to spruce up your work space and make your day a little bit better?

1. Office Plants

Plants will improve the air quality in your office, eliminating chemicals from carpets, glues, cleaning solutions and synthetic materials. Some plants are more effective at doing this than others, and it is recommended that having a variety of plants in a room will benefit you the most.

We recently moved into our new office and invested in a couple of trays of baby succulents from Grace and Thorn as well as our very own handmade Terrarium from Jar and Fern. Not only do succulents add a little colour and life to your work space, they are also fairly easy to look after… although do not over water!

2. Basketball Hoop


Sitting is the new smoking, right? So, what better way to get your team standing up intermittently throughout the day, and having a break that doesn’t involve staring at a screen.

3. Fruit Infused Water


Either an individual bottle for each team member, or a large kilner- style drinks dispenser will work. Benefits of drinking water include relieving fatigue, improving your mood, treating headaches and migraines (especially helpful when working from a screen) as well as helping to aid digestion and flush out toxins. Fruit infused water is especially recommended because it makes drinking water much more enjoyable. Our favourites: Lime, mint and cucumber or lemon and blueberries. Yum.

4. Office Dog

It is becoming more and more common for dogs to attend work with their owners, but aside from just being a fun addition to the office, research has shown that there are also some surprising health benefits (although not if you’re allergic).

Having a dog with you in the office will keep you active, giving you a good reason to get out in the fresh air for a walk, as well as regularly getting up from your desk. A study in the ‘International Journal of Workplace Health Management’ found that dogs increased levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decreased production of the stress hormone cortisol. Other studies have also shown that having the presence of a dog at work can actually increase job satisfaction.

5. Soft Seating Area

It’s all about the breakout space to make your day more productive. Companies are moving away from the “always on” culture where technology makes it hard to switch off and are encouraging employees to take a proper break from their work in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

6. An extensive selection of hot sauces

This is an important aspect of our office. Our favourites include:

The Café Caribbean Hot Sauce (Old Spitalfields Market), Joyce’s Caribbean Pepper Sauce, Vi Hao Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce, Original Tabasco, Lingham’s Chilli Sauce, Marks and Spencer’s Habanero Hot Sauce and Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce.

7. Good quality hand wash

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. A luxury hand soap and moisturiser are not going to break the bank but will definitely be appreciated, try Aesop or Molton Brown.

8. Juice Station

In today’s office culture, wellness in the workplace is of growing importance. A juice station with fresh fruit, vegetables and a blender (we would recommend a Nutribullet) can be a good way to encourage healthier habits amongst employees with relative ease. Who doesn’t love a fresh carrot, orange and ginger juice to give you a natural boost of energy? Plus an increased intake of vitamins will help to prevent the spread of nasty colds and flus around the office.

9. Healthy Snacks

Food trends are changing and overall health is declining. It has been proven that eating little and often is better for you than having three square meals a day. Instead of providing snacks with little nutritional value, start offering fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, hummus, olives, popcorn and raw chopped veg.

10. Speaker/ Music


We love our Sonos speaker, and we are mostly able to find a balance between Drake and New Age Techno.