Do you need to rethink your office before your lease ends?

Current market conditions are encouraging occupiers to rethink the way they utilise the office.

  • Do you think you need less space as staff will be working from home?
  • Could you potentially need more space to manage social distancing in the short term?
  • Would it be cheaper to stay in your current office or potentially move to a smaller more affordable location?


Making Moves provide advice to companies on the most suitable strategy. This can either be through a re-design of the existing layout, a potential sub-letting of part, or the disposal of the entire office and a relocation to a new more cost effective space.

Free of charge

We provide the following at no cost:

  • Desktop redesign and space plan of your office.
  • Review of current lease and financial commitments.
  • Market overview and summary strategy report.

Why Making Moves Exit?

  • Low marketing costs.
  • Expert advice on the easiest and fastest route of disposal.
  • Ability to market your space discreetly to over 3,000 active companies within our existing database.