• The Loom, E1
  • 10,000 sqft
  • 80 People

We are so pleased with the office Tobi and his team found us. Despite tough competition for the space, they managed to advise us on the right strategy when submitting our offer to ensure we secured the property above the competition. The clear advice Tobi provided us with made the process much more simple and easier to follow. We would certainly recommend Tobi to other companies looking to find their new offices and studios.

Private and confidential, Managing Director

Client Objectives

  • To find a new office/studio in East London to accommodate existing staff and predicted future growth.
  • To find a property where the client could grow internally without having to take too much space on Day 1.
  • To limit the increase in costs when compared to the existing office.

Where we added value

  • At the initial viewings, the property had not been released on the open market. The property did however generate significant interest and led to a ‘best bids’ scenario. Our experience and strategy in determining the rental value of the property allowed us to advise the client on the best level to make an offer and secure the property.
  • The property was in an area the client hadn’t originally considered until advised by Making Moves.
  • Our knowledge of up and coming developments allowed us to show the client an off market property that was never released to the open market.
  • Met the clients budget expectations.
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